We always keep our heads in the creative space and of course there's the technical element too. Here are some steps we take to bring it all to life...


We’ve been making great music mixes for decades and work across literally every genre. The common thread is capturing the unique story in each song and building a perfect aesthetic. We work from multitrack files in any format, remotely or of course you’re welcome to be in the studio! Either way, the process is interactive.


Or we can build your musical vision from the ground up, no matter what size ensemble and style. We love combining acoustic and electronic elements to construct compelling arrangements from both musical and audio perspectives. In a nutshell, we’ve had a long history of great productions from inception to release, collaboratively.




We create for visual media also, from short videos to features, in surround. With an amazing stable of musicians in Adelaide we have great resources to draft, arrange and ultimately bring scores to life. Again, we love to combine acoustic and electronic elements adaptively to tell your story. 




And being 5.1 savvy, we mix to picture - not only music, but dialogue/ADR and effects. Any size or length production can be accommodated and we’re fastidious about creating engaging results.


Yes. we understand (and empathise) with the ongoing loudness war, so we work with you to arrive at the best balance of dynamics and loudness. Mastering is not only the end point of music production. We master for various media and channel formats - always maintaining the intent of the project.

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