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We’re passionate about great sound and it all starts at the mic. Capturing it with integrity and character is how Pilgrim Custom Microphones came to be.


For some time we’ve been on the quest to find mics that sound ‘special’. Exploring, deliberating and of course recording with just about every significant microphone ever made lead to some tinkering...


The result is our hand-assembled custom mics, each with a specific ‘flavour’ and intended purpose. Each being truly unique.


Inside and out.


We love to create bespoke casings, but it’s what's inside that counts. Capsule types, transformer-coupled or transformerless. Tube or JFET circuits. Cardioid or multi pattern and various pad configurations are all options. The result is a unique custom mic (or custom matched pair…).


Outside they're just as unique. Each mic is hand-assembled and finished. One of a kind. No production line.


So, call or email us about creating your most desirable mic, or even customising an existing mic.


Or have a listen to one of our creations in your studio.

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